Patient reviewing resources

Patient reviewing resources


Resources to help along the way

CIBINQO offers a range of guides and brochures designed to help with your or your teen's eczema journey.

doctor discussion guide

Doctor Discussion Guide

This easy-to-use checklist helps drive the conversation with your doctor to determine if CIBINQO is right for you.

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CIBINQO™ (abrocitinib) in office brochure

In-Office Digital Brochure

This brochure reviews what moderate-to-severe eczema is and how CIBINQO may be able to treat your condition.

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CIBINQO® (abrocitinib) lab testing brochure

Lab Testing Brochure

This brief brochure addresses laboratory tests and health monitoring you can expect before and during treatment with CIBINQO.

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CIBINQO® (abrocitinib) digital eczema tracker

Digital Eczema Tracker

This weekly self-report helps you keep close tabs on your moderate-to-severe eczema and progress with CIBINQO.

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CIBINQO® (abrocitinib) share your experience brochure

Share Your Experience Brochure

This brochure shows you how to share your CIBINQO story and inspire others in the eczema community.

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CIBINQO® (abrocitinib) in office spanish brochure

Folleto digital en la oficina

Este folleto analiza qué es el eczema de moderado a grave y cómo CIBINQO puede tratar su afección.

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