Tips for a productive conversation with your doctor

Is your moderate-to-severe eczema still not under control, no matter how many treatments you've tried? Make your move by starting an open conversation with your doctor and ask if CIBINQO could be right for you.

To help prepare, download our discussion guide or see our telemedicine tips below if you plan on meeting virtually.

Jot down any questions you have about CIBINQO in advance, and remember to take notes while talking with your doctor.
Tell your doctor about symptoms like itch and how often your eczema flares.
Describe your eczema routine, how topical or other treatments have been working for you, and your goals for treatment.
Mention every medication you take, including for other conditions. It may help to take pictures of each label with your phone.

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It can help you track your symptoms, think about your treatment goals, and consider the questions you’d like to ask.

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Meeting virtually? No problem.

Before your telemedicine visit starts, use these tips to help your appointment run smoothly.

  • Confirm your coverage. Check with your insurance provider to find out if you’re covered and your potential copay cost
  • Read instructions so you know how to connect when it’s time
  • Check your tech. Charge your device, check your internet connection, and confirm the settings for video and audio calls
  • Find a quiet, well-lit space so you can take clear photos and the doctor can easily see the areas you need examined
  • Protect your skin. Avoid anything that could cause irritation before your appointment or taking photos, like a hot shower

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