Managing your eczema with CIBINQO can be part of your everyday routine

Make sure to take CIBINQO exactly as prescribed to help get the most out of your treatment experience.

Tips for taking CIBINQO

take CIBINQO™ (abrocitinib) once each day, around the same time

Choose a time and stick with it

Take CIBINQO once each day, around the same time. Consider taking CIBINQO at the same time you regularly do something else, like brushing your teeth. Be sure to follow the instructions for taking your medication.

Another tip: Set a daily reminder on your phone to take CIBINQO.

swallow CIBINQO™ (abrocitinib) whole with water

Swallow CIBINQO whole with water

Do not crush, split, or chew the pills.

take CIBINQO™ (abrocitinib) with or without food

You can take CIBINQO with or without food

If you experience nausea, it sometimes helps to take medicine with food.

If you miss a dose, take the dose as soon as possible. If it is less than 12 hours before the next dose, skip the dose.

In case you missed a dose

Take your missed dose right away. If it’s less than 12 hours before your next dose, skip it and take the next dose at your scheduled time.

store CIBINQO™ (abrocitinib) at room temperature

Safely store CIBINQO

Store CIBINQO in the original packaging and keep at room temperature 68°F-77°F.

know where to fill your CIBINQO™ (abrocitinib) rx

Know where to fill your Rx

Depending on your coverage, you may get CIBINQO through a specialty pharmacy or a retail pharmacy. Learn about financial assistance options.

CIBINQO works with or without prescribed topical steroid medications (lotions, creams, or ointments applied to your skin) for eczema.

CIBINQO comes in multiple dosage strengths

The recommended starting dose of CIBINQO is 100 mg. If the 100 mg dose isn't working well after 3 months, your doctor may increase your dose to 200 mg. If the 200 mg dose isn't working well, your doctor may advise you to stop CIBINQO.

Keeping track of your bloodwork

Getting bloodwork done is an important part of your treatment with CIBINQO—before starting and during treatment. ClBINQO may affect certain blood counts. Blood tests will help your doctor keep track of your numbers and adjust your treatment if needed.

What kind of tests should I expect?

Before starting CIBINQO, your doctor will evaluate your overall health and medical history to determine if CIBINQO is right for you. Your doctor will perform a few tests, including:

  • Checking a complete blood count (CBC)
  • Screening for infections, including tuberculosis (TB) and hepatitis B and C

Your doctor will also check to ensure your vaccines are up-to-date.

Why do I need to take these tests?

You should not take CIBINQO if your blood cell counts are too low, or if you have active TB, hepatitis B or C, or serious infection. If needed, your doctor may stop your CIBINQO treatment for a period of time because of changes seen in your blood test results. Your doctor should also check your blood cholesterol levels to see if the amount of fat in your blood has increased.

How often will I be tested?

  • Before you start treatment
  • Four weeks after starting CIBINQO
  • Four weeks after any increase in dose

Based on your health and medical history, your doctor may order other blood tests as needed.

What about after I start treatment?

After you have started CIBINQO, your doctor will continue to monitor your health. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Monitoring you for signs and symptoms of infections, including TB and hepatitis B and C
  • Checking for changes in blood cell counts and cholesterol levels
  • Performing periodic skin checks, as there is an increased risk of skin cancer with JAK inhibitors

Download this brochure to learn about laboratory tests and health monitoring you can expect before and during treatment with CIBINQO.

For more information, talk to your healthcare provider or learn more about the Most Important Information about CIBINQO.

See how CIBINQO works

Watch a video to see how CIBINQO works
to fight moderate-to-severe eczema.

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