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In studies of 778 people, more people achieved clear or almost clear skin at 3 months with CIBINQO alone (26% taking 100 mg and 41% taking 200 mg) vs an inactive pill (8%).

The recommended starting dose of CIBINQO is 100 mg once daily. If the 100 mg dose isn't working well after 3 months, your doctor may increase your dose to 200 mg once daily. If the 200 mg dose isn't working well, your doctor may advise you to stop CIBINQO.

The photos below show specific areas of the skin of adult clinical study participants diagnosed with moderate-to-severe eczema. Images may not reflect the full extent of symptoms. Individual results may vary.


Patient took CIBINQO along with over-the-counter moisturizer.

Upper arm



Lower shin

Lower chest and abdomen

Patient took CIBINQO with topical steroid treatment and over-the-counter moisturizer. In a study of 837 people, more people taking CIBINQO with topical steroids and daily moisturizer achieved clear or almost clear skin at 3 months (36% on 100 mg and 47% on 200 mg) vs people taking placebo with topical steroids and daily moisturizer (14%).

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