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Results teens can see and feel

In a clinical study of teens (ages 12-17) with moderate-to-severe eczema who used topical steroids with either CIBINQO or an inactive pill:

The majority taking


Some taking


almost clear skin


Some taking CIBINQO felt


CIBINQO delivered effective itch relief in 2 weeks (13% taking 100 mg, 25% taking 200 mg) vs an inactive pill (8%).

Studies of the safety and effectiveness of CIBINQO showed
results in teens (ages 12-17) were consistent with results in adults (18+)

The most common side effects of CIBINQO include common cold, nausea, headache, herpes simplex including cold sores, increased blood level of creatine phosphokinase, dizziness, urinary tract infection, tiredness, acne, vomiting, mouth and throat pain, flu, stomach flu, bacterial skin infection, high blood pressure, allergic skin rash to something you contacted, stomach pain, shingles, and low platelet count. These are not all of the possible side effects of CIBINQO. For more information, talk to your doctor or learn more about the Most Important Information about CIBINQO.

How CIBINQO was studied in teens

One of the clinical trials for CIBINQO focused on teens (ages 12-17) with moderate-to-severe eczema. Participants received either CIBINQO or an inactive pill (also known as a placebo). Neither they nor their doctors were told which one they received. All of those studied used topical steroids and had the option to also use a moisturizer.

This trial lasted 3 months and focused on understanding the effectiveness and safety of CIBINQO. Improvement in area and severity of eczema-affected skin, skin clearance, and itch reduction were monitored.

Some of the participants were able to enter another longer-term study that focused on safety.

Skin improvement, skin clearance, and itch reduction were monitored before, during, and at the end of the trials. The goal was to help answer the following question: Are teens who take CIBINQO more likely to have their eczema improve compared to teens who do not take CIBINQO?

Who participated in the teen study?

Number of people studied



51% male
49% female

Severity of AD (atopic dermatitis)

62% had moderate AD
38% had severe AD

Average age*

15 years old 

*It is not known if CIBINQO is safe and
effective for children under 12 years of age.

Pfizer would like to thank everyone who participated in the CIBINQO clinical trials.

Seeing is believing

Take a look at before-and-after photos of adults
from our clinical trials to see results some people
with moderate-to-severe eczema experienced.

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