Get in front of moderate to severe Eczema

For people 12 years and older with moderate-to-severe eczema who didn't respond to previous treatment and when other treatments, including oral or injected medicines, haven't worked well or are not right for them
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Once-daily CIBINQO (si-BINK-oh)
proactively treats moderate-to-severe eczema

Living with eczema can feel like you're constantly a step behind your flare-ups. Get in front of eczema with CIBINQO—a 100% steroid-free pill for ages 12 and up that treats eczema continuously, whether you're flaring or not.

Make your move. Ask your doctor about CIBINQO, a Pfizer innovation.

CIBINQO is proven to help deliver:

Noticeably clearer skin

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Fast itch relief in just two weeks.

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Photos of a patient's abdomen. Patient took CIBINQO along with over-the-counter moisturizer. Not everyone will respond to treatment with CIBINQO.

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Real people with moderate-to-severe eczema have already experienced visibly clearer skin.

In studies of 778 people, more people achieved clear or almost clear skin at 3 months with CIBINQO alone (26% taking 100 mg and 41% taking 200 mg) vs an inactive pill (8%).

The recommended starting dose of CIBINQO is 100 mg once daily. If the 100 mg dose isn't working well after 3 months, your doctor may increase your dose to 200 mg once daily. If the 200 mg dose isn't working well, your doctor may advise you to stop CIBINQO.

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